Beauty Craft was born out of a desire to create a relaxing environment, creating a truly welcoming and relaxing space for both stylist and guest. Effortlessly cool, organic, modern, clean: all describe the space that was designed with you in mind. A place where all are welcome and safe, appreciated and celebrated. A sense of community inviting conversation and friendships within our walls, removing the need to be connected to the outside world during your time. Lets go back to a time where we had conversations and met new people instead of feeling the need to be drawn inward and avoid eye contact. Human connection, something we all need.

Us ladies share a love of continuous growth and desire to better educate themselves in their Craft, holding ourselves to the utmost standards professionally. A passion to create beautiful healthy hair… a love of educating and helping others grow into the best new stylists they can be. A shared vision, and a bright future make for big plans of growth for Beauty Craft Company. We can’t wait to share this journey with you.